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Ukraine-Russia Conflict: “Putin must fail”, says Boris Johnson before of today’s visit to Eastern Europe

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            Today, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will go to countries on NATO’s border with Russia. He will promise that Vladimir Putin will “pay the price” for invading Ukraine.

Boris Johnson will visit Poland and Estonia, as well as British soldiers, to rally Western support in punishing Russian President Vladimir Putin for unleashing a war that has claimed hundreds of lives in just five days.

Prior to his travel to Eastern Europe, Johnson encouraged friends to “speak with one voice” in order to guarantee that “Putin must fail”.

“We speak with one voice when we say Putin must fail”, says UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. For the past three days, Russia has been bombarding the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Satellite images show a lengthy line of Russian troops and vehicles on Ukrainian roadways. Because the Ukrainian army is prepared to fight to the death, a big offensive is now a conceivable.

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