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Ukraine-Russia Conflict: China restricts Premier League coverage in Russia in order to help Ukraine

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            To show its support for Ukraine’s togetherness, China is expected to prohibit broadcast of this weekend’s Premier League matches involving England’s major clubs.

The Premier League has declared its desire to assist Ukraine in its current crisis.

According to rumours, the Chinese rights holder iQIYI Sports retaliated by refusing to broadcast the matches.

The confrontation between Russia and Ukraine has lasted one week. Russian troops not only violated the Ukrainian border, but also targeted densely populated areas. After seizing control of neighbouring Ukrainian towns, the Russian military is seeking to grab control of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. As a result, the threat to Kyiv has escalated.

Russia is preparing a final big attack on Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. The photos were originally provided by Maxar Technology, an American satellite imaging company. For the last four days, Russian military have been shelling the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. The Ukrainian army, on the other hand, is prepared to fight to the death. As a result, the possibility of a large attack by increasing the number of Russian soldiers exists. The convoy is said to be made up of Russian troops, armament, and high-tech vehicles.

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