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Ukraine-Russia Conflict: According to authorities, around 450,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered Poland.

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Over 450,000 Ukrainian migrants have entered Poland since Vladimir Putin started his invasion of Ukraine last Thursday. These figures were announced today by Pawel Szefernaker, Poland’s deputy interior minister, on Radio Zet. To stay up to current on the newest developments in the Ukraine-Russia war, visit this page. After fleeing Ukraine, refugees board a train in Poland.

Since Thursday morning, Russia and Ukraine have been at odds. Russian soldiers not only crossed the Ukrainian border, but also attacked heavily inhabited regions. After gaining control of many Ukrainian cities, Russia’s military is now attempting to seize control of the capital, Kyiv. The threat to Kyiv has grown as a result of this.

Russia is preparing a final massive strike on Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Maxar Technology, an American satellite imaging business, released the images on Monday. Russian forces have been bombarding the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, for the last four days. The Ukrainian army, on the other hand, is willing to battle until the death. As a result, there is now a chance of a massive offensive by expanding the number of Russian forces. According to reports, the convoy consists of Russian troops, weaponry, and high-tech vehicles.

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