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Ukraine claims to have assassinated another Russian Major General, the country’s fourth high commander in 21 days of conflict

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            Ukraine claimed to have killed another top Russian military officer as its war with Russia began its 21st day. According to Ukrainian media sources, Major General Oleg Mityaev, Commander of Russia’s 150 Motorised Rifle Division, was killed in combat by Ukrainian troops.

According to Ukraine’s accusations, Mityaev was the fourth high commander of the Russian army to be assassinated after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

As Russia moves closer to Kyiv, the US declares that Ukraine will stay independent long after Putin is gone. According to Ukraine, almost 12,000 Russian soldiers have been dead, and 57 planes, 353 tanks, and 83 helicopters have been shot down. The Ukrainian mayor of Kyiv has declared a curfew in response to ongoing Russian airstrikes. The President of the European Council is concerned that if NATO joins this battle, a nuclear global war may erupt. According to British intelligence sources, Russia has just 14 days of ammo left.

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