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UK PM Sunak, French President Macron Meet To Discuss A Deal To Tackle Illegal Migration

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On Monday, British Prime Minister #Rishi Sunak voiced optimism about cooperating with France to stop illegal immigration. According to his spokesperson, the two nations were close to reaching a new deal to lessen the number of individuals crossing the English Channel.

“A deal is being discussed and I think is in its final stages,” said the spokesperson.

At the COP27 climate summit now taking place in Egypt, Sunak had his first face-to-face encounter with French President Emmanuel Macron since the latter assumed the office of UK Prime Minister. The British prime minister praised Macron’s visit as a fantastic opportunity to work with France and other countries to curb illegal immigration.

He told reporters, “You will hear more details about that in the coming weeks, as those conversations happen amongst all our teams”.

“I’m actually leaving this with renewed confidence and optimism that working together with our European partners, we can make a difference, grip this challenge of illegal migration and stop people coming illegally,” he added.

This occurs amid a recent deterioration in the ties between France and Britain, first under Boris Johnson and then under Liz Truss, Sunak’s immediate predecessor.

More than 40,000 people have crossed the English Channel this year in little boats, up from 28,526 last year. In the past, British officials have stated that they seek to handle this by stationing immigration agents in France who will collaborate with French law enforcement to stop the departure of more boats from French coasts.

However, they assert that France has rejected such petitions because it is concerned that doing so may jeopardize its sovereignty.

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