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UK PM Rishi Sunak, Fined By Police For Not Wearing A Seatbelt in a Moving Car

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Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was fined for not wearing a seatbelt while driving.

The Lancashire Police, without specifying the name, said that it had given a set penalty with a conditional offer to a 42-year-old man from London.  A video that was posted on Thursday went viral when netizens stained the prime minister without a seatbelt. He was in Lancashire.

After Sunak’s video went viral, a spokesperson said, “fully accepts this was an error and has apologized.” The agent also said that he would also spend the fine. In the UK, passengers caught without wearing one can be fined £100 ($124), which can initially grow to £500 ($620) if the case goes to court. 

Responding to his video, Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner in a tweet, said that Sunak was a “total liability.” The Liberal Democrats said that being the second prime minister of the nation to be fined by the police, he has demonstrated the same disregard for the authorities as Boris Johnson.

This is the prime minister’s second time he has accepted a fixed penalty notice. 

He acquired one in April 2022, when he was fine with then-prime minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie for breaking Covid lockdown rules by following a birthday party.

Nevertheless, Sunak, Conservative MP for Blackpool South Benton, said that “everybody makes mistakes.” He counted that police should focus on attacking severe crimes in society. 

In the UK, a fixed damages notice is a sanction for violating the law, a fine that needs to be paid within 28 days or challenged. If someone chooses to contest the correction, the police will review the case and decide whether to remove the fine.

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