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U.S. Space Command Releases “Responsible Space Behaviors” Due To Race To Space “Shoots Up” Junk In Earth’s Orbit

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Responsible Space Behaviors

Responsible Space Behaviors

Thousands of commercial satellites are launched into Earth’s orbit as humanity moves toward space. These satellites have been launched at record-breaking speeds, fueling the proliferation of space debris, a cause of concern for governments and private companies. To establish norms in orbit, the U.S. Space Command on Friday released a formal list of what it considers “responsible space behaviors.” According to Reuters, the regulations include a section on space debris that urges astronauts to dispose of defunct satellites safely. It calls on companies to notify other operators if any problem with their spacecraft or debris poses a hazard.
Brigadier General Richard L. Zellmann, deputy director of the command’s operational unit, was talking to Reuters, “You have to find a way to allow the economy to grow in the space domain, and in order to do that, you need to make sure that it remains sustainable” and “Key to that is going to be ensuring that we can either solve that debris problem or at least mitigate it to the point that it’s acceptable.”
The private sector is trying to control orbit debris. Newman Space, an Australian-based company, is currently developing technology to help recycle old defunct satellites into fuel. The test satellites are going to launch in June this year.

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