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Two killed and 22 injured in Lahore, Pak explosion

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            According to police, a bomb in Lahore’s Lohari Gate neighborhood on Thursday killed at least two people, including one kid, and injured 22 others, according to Geo News.

The explosion damaged the windows of surrounding stores and buildings. A number of motorbikes were also damaged.

Dr Muhammad Abid Khan, the deputy inspector-general of operations in Lahore, told Geo News that the probe was in its early stages and that the nature of the bomb was being determined.

According to a police spokesman, the explosion left a 1.5-foot-deep hole in the earth. The injured were sent to Mayo Clinic.

According to Geo News, a large number of people visit the region where a number of marketplaces and a range of companies are located every day.

According to Mayo Clinic authorities, four individuals are in serious condition, with specialists attempting to save their lives. Other injured persons have received first help from the medics.

The area has been blocked off, and police are gathering evidence from the murder scene.

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