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Two flyers on the Jammu-Mumbai Indigo route Go flight is involved in a skirmish and is hauled on to security upon landing.

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Aboard December 30, 2021, two passengers on an IndiGo aircraft from Jammu to Mumbai got into a furious quarrel about some matter.

According to a report in The Times of India (TOI), two passengers seated on 3A and 4A were embroiled in an altercation.
The cabin crew attempted but failed to defuse the tension.

The person on 3A shoved the co-passenger on 4A, and things quickly spiralled out of hand. They quickly began fighting and beating one other.
The crew was then required to notify the pilot-in-command. The passenger seat of 4A was moved to 12C.
When the plane touched down at Mumbai’s airport, both passengers were turned over to security personnel.

However, it was unclear why the two got into a confrontation.

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