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Tropical Strom Nalgae Claims Lives of 98 In Philippines

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Stormy tropical system Nalgae has left 98 people dead, injured several more and left other people missing. The president shared his sorrow at the occurrence. According to rumors, on Monday, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will fly over the damaged districts (October 31). The underwater settlements close to Manila will be the focus of the airborne inspection.

More than half of the reported fatalities, according to the nation’s disaster agency, came from the Bangsamoro. As of right now, the area has recorded 53 fatalities and 22 missings. The organization also stated that 69 people have claimed to have been hurt in the incident, while 63 have been reported missing to date. The cost of the damage brought on by the tropical cyclone in the Southeast Asian nation was estimated to be close to 757.84 million pesos ($13.7 million).

The typhoon Nalgae, which has made landfall in the Philippines five times, is predicted to leave the country on Monday (October 31) and head toward China. The Southeast Asian nation experiences 20 typhoons annually, along with several landslides and floods. Megi was a recent storm that hit the nation and took the lives of close to 130 people.

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