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Toru Kubota, A Japanese Filmmaker Jails For 10 Year In Myanmar

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Toru kubota

Toru kubota

An official from the Japanese foreign ministry announced on Thursday that a court in the military-run nation of Myanmar had sentenced a Japanese documentary filmmaker to 10 years in prison for breaking sedition and communications laws. 26-year-old Toru Kubota was detained in July during a protest in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. He was allegedly accused of violating immigration laws and inciting dissent against the military-dominated government at the time.

According to a ministry official who quoted the filmmaker’s attorney, Kubota was given prison terms of three years for sedition and seven years for breaking a telecommunications law on Wednesday. He was anticipated to serve both sentences concurrently, the junta’s press office told Myanmar’s media. The Japanese ministry official stated that a court hearing regarding his alleged violation of the immigration control law was set for October 12.

“We have been requesting Mr. Kubota’s early release from Myanmar authorities, and we intend to keep doing so,” he said. A military spokesperson for Myanmar did not return calls seeking comment. According to the junta, Myanmar’s courts are independent, and those who have been arrested are given a fair trial.

Since the military toppled a democratically elected government in Myanmar last year, the country has been mired in a cycle of violence. In an effort to quell dissent, the junta has detained thousands of people, including politicians, government employees, students, journalists, and foreigners. Last year, a freelance Japanese journalist was detained and accused of disseminating false information while covering anti-coup demonstrations. Later, he was released, with the junta claiming that it was in recognition of the close ties between the two nations.

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