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Top Technologies We Lost In 2022

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Numerous beloved devices, such as the BlackBerry and iPod, were believed to be leaving us. They are no longer with us, but we remember them.

iPod Touch

When the iPhone was released in 2007, the iconic music player that Steve Jobs introduced in 2001 reached its peak popularity, and Apple continued to offer it in various forms. The $199 iPod Touch seems redundant now that Apple Music and other streaming services are more widely used. Apple’s little music player will always be known for revolutionizing how we listen to music, even though the “iPod” brand may no longer exist.

Google Stadia

In 2019, Google Stadia unveiled a revolutionary strategy to take on traditional game consoles with a cloud-based gaming service. The initial pitch and the finished result, however, were very dissimilar. A description of the appropriate audience for a website like Stadia was required. The lack of significant exclusives raised suspicions right away. Customers either already purchased Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 on other platforms or intended to buy them for the platform they already owned when Google started to offer those titles on Stadia. In 2021, Google said it would shut down its development facilities and switch to providing Stadia as a platform for other parties.

Amazon Glow

The Glow, an unsuccessful attempt by Amazon to develop a video-calling device aimed at youngsters, was unveiled last year. A table projector was part of the prototype video chat device. The gadget projected interactive games, books, or puzzles onto the table that kids could touch to interact with them, and it also allowed them to video chat with their grandparents. It was a unique item that could only be obtained through an invitation. However, Amazon stopped selling the thing six months after it became widely available. It’s unclear what caused Glow to pass away. However, a closer look at Amazon’s current situation reveals that the company has decided to forego experimental devices in favor of concentrating on goods and services that have the potential to generate income over the long term.

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