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Tom Brady’s Birthday Wishes to her Daughter

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Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Vivian Brady, Tom Brady’s youngest child, turned ten on December 5. In an emotional Instagram post, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers athlete wished Gisele Bundchen luck when she was planning a kids’ party with his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. Brady’s kind post does not surprise fans because he has always put his family and children over the NFL.

Brady’s most recent photo shows him with Benjamin and Vivian. Only Vivian and Benjamin are smiling for the camera, as the famous quarterback focuses on snuggling his two children: Others in the comments ended up praising Tom Brady on his statements and the image, as well as wishing Vivian a happy birthday.

Brady isn’t completely silent on social media, but most of his tweets are about his children or ex-wife. Of course, now that they’ve broken up, the 45-year-old may cease writing about Bundchen. Even after their divorce, the former couple talked about prioritizing their children. They also requested anonymity, possibly to protect their children from any negative feedback or rumors that might circulate online.

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