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Today, a rocket will collide with the Moon; Here is what will happen

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            On Friday, the second stage of a Chinese rocket will fall into an area not visible from Earth, carving up a fresh crater on the Moon.

According to scientists, the crash will leave a crater on the Moon identical to the Apollo mission since the third stage Saturn V rockets were purposely pointed towards the surface.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which is orbiting the Moon, has collected photographs of the projected impact location on the Moon’s far side, and scientists aim to determine the depth and extent of the new crater after the March 4 collision. According to Scientific American, the impact will occur near the 354 miles wide Hertzsprung Crater.

“In 2009, a rocket booster was purposefully impacted with the moon in the goal of learning anything from the ejecta,” says Bill Gary, who developed the Project Pluto programme to track near-Earth objects.

“The spectrum of the lunar impactor is more similar to that of the Chinese rocket than to that of the SpaceX booster. We believe that our spectrum data are compatible with a Chinese origin, based on the dynamical evidence mentioned by Bill Gray”, According to Vishnu Reddy of the University of Arizona,

The collision will happen in a few hours, but it will be tough to see despite powerful telescopes zooming in on the Moon. This is due to the fact that the collision occurred on the far side of the Moon, which is not visible from Earth.

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