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To protect Optus data breach victims, Australia launches “Operation Guardian”

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Australia’s federal police will begin an investigation into the Optus customers’ data breach, according to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Friday. On the internet, 9.8 million customer records were exposed, and Optus has agreed to cover the cost of replacing the customers’ passports.

According to Reuters, the main objective of this initiative, known as “Operation Guardian” by the Australian authorities, is to safeguard the affected people from “financial fraud and identity theft.”

The operation was announced by Justine Gough, assistant commissioner of the Australian Federal Police (AFP), who made it clear that they will be reviewing the records of all 10,000 victims whose information was stolen from the Optus database. Medicare, driver’s licenses, and passport information were among the leaks. According to The Guardian, Gough stated that “this will be a long investigation and it involves large data sources, multiple inquiries.”

It will take some time to complete this complex investigation. Complex datasets exist. Given that we are discussing a transnational crime, it may require cooperation with law enforcement from around the world, she added.

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