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Three Navy Personnel were dead, 11 injured in an Explosion Onboard INS Ranvir in Mumbai

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An explosion on board the ageing warship INS Ranvir at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai on Tuesday killed three Navy men and wounded 11.

The Navy stated that “no serious material loss has been recorded,” and an investigation into the event has begun.

INS Ranvir, one of the Navy’s oldest vessels, is a Soviet-era destroyer that was deployed in April 1986.

The Navy stated in a statement: “In a sad occurrence today at Navy Dockyard Mumbai, three naval servicemen died as a result of injury sustained by an explosion in an interior chamber on board INS Ranvir.”

According to the report, the ship’s crew responded instantly, and the crisis was soon brought under control. While the ship was docked, the explosion occurred around 4.30 and 5 p.m.

According to the Navy, INS Ranvir has been “on cross-coast operational deployment from the Eastern Naval Command” since November 2021 and is scheduled to return to base port soon.

According to sources, the three people that perished were all senior sailors, not officers. The Navy is in the procedure of contacting the relatives of the deceased, and will thereafter reveal their names and details. According to authorities, the explosion had nothing to do with ammo or weaponry.

According to a senior officer, the explosion occurred in an AC compartment, and the three people who killed were in a compartment above it.

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