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Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Seeks Leniency From The Court Ahead Of November 18 Sentencing

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#Elizabeth Holmes’ counsel is asking for leniency from the judges for the November 18 sentencing after a #US court denied her request for a fresh trial a few days prior.

Holmes’ lawyers reportedly argued in an 82-page statement submitted to a federal court in California that their client had been stigmatized by the media trial and that, if she is sentenced to prison, she should not spend more than 18 months there.

“No defendant should be made a martyr to public passion. We ask that the court consider, as it must, the real person, the real company, and the complex circumstances surrounding the offense,” read the document.

“We acknowledge that this may seem a tall order given the public perception of this case—especially when Ms. Holmes is viewed as the caricature, not the person.”

More than 130 people wrote letters to the court asking for Holmes to receive mercy, including friends, family, former Theranos workers, and investors, according to court records.

Theranos, a now-defunct health technology firm, was founded and led by Elizabeth Holmes. The company erroneously claimed to have revolutionized blood testing by creating testing procedures that could utilize shockingly little blood, like that drawn from a finger prick.

Earlier this year, Holmes was convicted on two counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiring to commit fraud. Now she could spend up to 20 years behind bars for each count.

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