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The US, China’s Top Diplomats To Discuss Taiwan As Beijing Issues Fresh Warning

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Top Diplomats

Top Diplomats

New York: The top US and Chinese officials will meet in New York on Friday as escalating tensions begin to ease, but Beijing has issued a new warning against backing Taiwan. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi are scheduled to meet on the margins of the annual United Nations summit, their first meeting since comprehensive talks in Bali in July, during which both sides looked optimistic about more stability. One month later, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi paid a visit to Taiwan, which enraged Beijing, which held drills viewed as a practice run for an invasion of the self-governing island.

President Joe Biden stated in an interview aired Sunday that he is prepared to act militarily if China uses force, breaking with decades of US ambivalence. In an indication of improved relations, Wang claimed he spoke with US climate envoy John Kerry in New York, despite China’s warning following Pelosi’s visit that it was limiting cooperation on the topic, which is a top priority for Biden. However, in a speech prior to his meeting with Blinken, Wang expressed his displeasure with the United States backing for Taiwan, which China regards to be part of its territory. “The Taiwan issue is becoming the most serious threat to China-US ties. If handled incorrectly, it has the potential to damage bilateral ties “He made the remarks at the Asia Society think tank.

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