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The third wave of Coronavirus has passed, and there will be no fourth wave in India, according to virologist T Jacob John.

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In India, 3,993 new coronavirus infections were recorded, the lowest number in 662 days. Dr. T Jacob John is “pretty convinced” that there will be no fourth wave in the nation until an unforeseen variety with a different behaviour emerges. In India, the third wave of COVID-19 had reached a stalemate, and the number of cases began to decline after January 21. Advertisement On Tuesday, India recorded 3,993 new coronavirus infections, the lowest number in 662 days. The third wave has finished, according to John, the former head of the Indian Council for Medical Research’s Centre of Advanced Research in Virology, and the country has returned to an endemic phase.

“There will be no fourth wave until an unforeseen variety emerges that performs differently from alpha, beta, gamma, or Omicron,” he argues. He goes on to say that the model technique isn’t applicable in this case.

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