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‘The Teacher’s Pet’: Former High School Teacher Sentenced 24 yrs In Jail Over The Wife’s Murder 40 Yrs Ago

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'The Teacher's Pet'

'The Teacher's Pet'

#Australian-born #Christopher Dawson, a former high school teacher, was found guilty of killing his wife 40 years ago and was given a 24-year prison term. The murder inquiry was restarted in 2018 as a result of pressure from the popular podcast “The Teacher’s Pet.”

The Australian Supreme Court concluded in August that Dawson killed his wife on purpose in January 1982 so he could have an affair with a young student who had babysat and was living in his house at the time.

Judge Ian Harrison of the Supreme Court stated during the hearing that Dawson had lived in society for 36 years without being affected by his wife’s murder conviction or any associated punishment. He continued by saying that Dawson’s denial paved the way for him. All of these accusations have been refuted by the 74-year-old former instructor, who also claimed that his wife had left him at the time.

According to Dawson’s lawyer, he plans to appeal the decision. “Our system of justice and our democracy is based upon the presumption of innocence,” he remarked on Friday, December 1. Dawson continues to act with “innocence,” he added.

When Dawson becomes 92 in 2040, he will be eligible to seek parole. Because of how he was depicted in the podcast, which was created by News Corp’s Australian Newspaper, Dawson’s attorneys argued that it denied him the right to a fair trial. According to reports, the podcast has been downloaded more than 50 million times, drawing attention to the issue but not influencing the decision.

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