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The Taliban has announced the closing of all common women’s baths in northern Afghanistan.

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January 3 (ANI): Kabul [Afghanistan]: The Taliban declared on Monday the closing of all general baths for women in the northern Balkh province, which borders Uzbekistan.

As the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan spreads over the country, restrictions, particularly on women, have begun, according to The Khaama Press.
Religious experts and provincial authorities from the province’s Directorate of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice unanimously agreed on the decision.
According to the latest judgement, women can only take showers in private baths while wearing Islamic hijab, not in public baths, according to The Khaama Press.

The decision was taken following meetings with religious scholars, according to the Head of the Directorate of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Balkh Province (Ulama).
“Because individuals do not have access to contemporary bathtubs at home, males are permitted to go to general baths, but women are expected to go to private baths while wearing hijab,” stated the directorate’s chief.

Meanwhile, boys under the age of 18 are prohibited from using general baths, and body massage is prohibited in the baths, according to The Khaama Press.
Previously, municipal officials in western Herat province temporarily closed women’s general baths.

Previously, the Ministry of Virtue Promotion and Prevention of Vice had limited women’s travel to 45 miles throughout the country, and drivers were prohibited.

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