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The Rise Of Iran’s Drone Industry: Russia-Ukraine War

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Russia-Ukraine War

Russia-Ukraine War

As #Russia intensifies its attacks around the nation, damaging power facilities as well as civilian and military infrastructure, the buzz of Iranian-made drones has grown accustomed in Ukrainian towns and cities. Moscow has resorted to Iran to quickly and effectively halt Ukrainian military advances and additional territory loss as Russian missile stocks are rapidly running low.

According to reports, Russia has purchased several hundred Iranian drones and has requested a further 1,000. Moscow and Tehran, for their part, have refuted the existence of such transactions. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the top leader of Iran, boasted about the nation’s drone program in an apparent reference to their prospective deployment in Ukraine.

According to Khamenei, Iranian technology has historically been questioned and called phony. “Iranian drones, so they claim now, are deadly. Why do you give them to that person?” We all know they’re Iranian, but the government won’t admit it, said Ruslan Pukhov, a pro-Kremlin Russian military specialist, while speaking on live television without realizing the microphone was already on.

Iranian drones have given Russia a useful weapon on the Ukrainian battlefield ever since their introduction in early September. The majority of the nation’s network of power plants has been destroyed over the previous two weeks, according to the defense ministry of Ukraine, by at least 300 Iranian Shahid 136 kamikaze drones.

Iran has been able to test these drones in a live fight thanks to their use, giving its scientists an opportunity to learn and its policymakers a chance to show off Iranian technology.

At least 22 nations are interested in purchasing Iranian-made military drones, according to Major-General Yahia Rahim Safavi, a former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and senior military advisor to Iran’s supreme leader.

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