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The Rapper Will Not Speak For 30 Straight Days As Part Of A ‘Verbal Fast’

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As the rapper announced on Twitter that he was going on a “verbal fast,” you can count on Kanye West to keep things sassy. For 30 days, Kanye aka Ye won’t communicate with anyone. According to his Twitter message, he also won’t view “adult flicks” or engage in “intercourse.”

I’m not talking to anyone for a month, Ye wrote. He also posted a picture of a brief note stating, “I’m taking a 30-day to cleanse. a verbal sprint No alcohol. No adult movies. Nothing sexual. We give God thanks. Amen.”

But he added, “But my Twitter still lighted,” implying that this linguistic fast was applicable to face-to-face contacts and was not always limited to the digital realm. Since the companies did not well receive the anti-Semitic comments he is affiliated with, Kanye West has had a contentious month. The rapper’s association with Adidas ended, which led to the sudden loss of his billionaire status. After asserting that George Floyd died from the opioid fentanyl and that a police officer’s knee “wasn’t even on his neck like that,” Kanye West lost a lot of social media fans. Floyd’s daughter is currently suing Kanye West for $250 million (£224 million) for his assertion.

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