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The Qatar 2022 World Cup Will Be Lionel Messi’s Final Tournament

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#Lionel Messi, the captain of #Argentina, stated on October 6 that the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar will “surely” be his final tournament. The 35-year-old admitted in the interview that he was anxious about the competition in #Qatar. Messi’s Paris Saint-Germain team is based in Paris, where the interview took place. He said: “It’s my last #World Cup, surely. I feel good physically, I was able to do a very good pre-season this year, which I couldn’t do last year.” 

He continued, “There is anxiety, and nervousness about the World Cup, so it was important to get to where I am, with a good state of mind and a lot of hope. We are eager for it to begin.” It will be Messi’s fifth World Cup. He made his debut for Argentina in 2007 and has since earned 164 caps. Messi has scored 90 goals overall, which is the most in the nation. Messi made his debut for his country in 2005 when he came on as a substitute against Hungary. Just two minutes into his debut performance, he was dismissed. The legendary footballer quickly rose through the ranks of the national team, and in 2006, he made his first World Cup appearance in Germany.

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