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The Pandemics is far worse than Covid-19, warns Bill gates

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One of the world’s richest person, Microsoft owner and America’s biggest farmer Bill Gates said that his foundation is now focusing on fighting the omicron curfew and he himself cancelled most of the holiday plans due to increased spreading of omicron. 'Just as it appeared like life would return to normal, we may be entering the deadliest phase of the epidemic.' Omicron will be felt by all of us. My close pals now have it, and I've cancelled the majority of my holiday activities "Gates took to Twitter. 'If there is any good news here, it is that omicron moves so swiftly that once it becomes dominant in a country, the wave should last no more than three months.' Those few months might be disastrous, but I am optimistic that if we take the correct actions, the epidemic will be finished by 2022 "He also mentioned it in another tweet.

            For the past two years, the whole globe has been dealing with the Corona Crisis. The world’s alarm is mounting while the Corona situation remains unresolved.

Newer Corona varieties are causing headaches. More than 35 million individuals have been infected with the corona thus far. This figure is growing by the day.

Bill Gates has warned of pandemics considerably worse than Covid-19, urging nations to invest billions of dollars to prepare for the next global epidemic.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation $150 million (CEPI). He was concerned about future ailments this time. According to Gates, the world is fighting a fast-developing infection.

We have learned over the last 20 years that investing in research and development may save our lives. This enables us to avoid the most severe situations. In the face of future illnesses and epidemics, governments should work together. He also cautioned that certain possible illnesses might kill more people than the corona.

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