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The Most Common Passwords Around The World

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The Top 200 Most Common Passwords Used in 2022 list was published by the password management business NordPass. The survey, which was made public on Monday, revealed that the majority of people have been using the term “password” as their account password.

The paper referred to, “We discovered that, despite increased awareness of cybersecurity, old behaviors persist. The study demonstrates that consumers continue to safeguard their accounts using flimsy passwords.” NordPass conducted the study, which also examined the cultural influences on people’s password choices, across 30 nations. The most popular three passwords across these nations are “password,” “123456,” and “123456789.” The research also demonstrates that the top three passwords may all be broken in less than a second.

“Bigbasket” and “1111111” are the two most popular passwords in India, according to users. Indian users also frequently use the passwords “iloveyou,” “abcd1234,” and “iphone5s.” The survey also found that consumers heavily rely on movies to help them choose a password for their accounts. According to the article, “Batman, Euphoria, and Encanto” were among the most popular releases in 2021/2022. All are also popular passwords: “batman” was used 2,562,776 times, “euphoria,” 53,993, and “Encanto,” 10,808 times. Even the Oscars ceremony, the biggest film industry event of the year, inspired many to use a not-so-safe password, “Oscars,” which was used over 60,000 times.

The report’s conclusion offers advice for picking a strong password. The company also provides some basic password hygiene rules, such as not using the same password across numerous accounts and utilizing a password manager to securely store and access credentials.

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