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The Madras High Court says ‘God is everywhere and does not require specific land’ – Refuses to issue Stay Order for the temple’s removal

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The Madras High Court refused to postpone the dismantling of a temple on public property, observing that “God is everywhere” and that His holy presence did not require a specific site.

The court stated, “It is the fanatic who is the root cause of all difficulties in separating people in the name of religion.” A division bench of Justices S Vaidyanathan and D Bharatha Chakravarthy underlined that the petitioner could not steal highway land that was designed for public use, regardless of creed, caste, or religion.

The judges remarked, “If the petitioner is so adamant about letting devotees worship Vinayagar, he may either allot his unencumbered land or temple property, or then relocate the idol to that location.”

The order was given in response to a plea filed by S Periyasamy, who sought to overturn a notice issued by the state roads department demanding the dismantling of a temple in Veppanthattai, Perambalur district, Tamil Nadu.

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