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The Largest Animal To Ever Live May Have Been Triassic Ichthyosaur Super-Predator

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Triassic Ichthyosaur

Triassic Ichthyosaur

A Triassic Ichthyosaur Super-Predator may have been the largest animal ever to live. The jawbone’s length was estimated to be 96 centimeters. The blue whale is the largest animal that is currently thriving. New evidence indicates that the super-predator roamed the waters 200 and 250 million years ago and was more significant than a blue whale.

It has been 20 years since the late Elizabeth Nicholls and a colleague at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta, Canada, made what were thought to be enormous fossilized ichthyosaur bones, according to BGR. A sea-dwelling reptile known as the ichthyosaur was supposedly discovered in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Even though there is evidence linking this creature to the Triassic period, scientists think that some aspects of its evolution may have been accelerated because of its enormous size. The two-meter-long skull of the ichthyosaur is thought to have existed. The creature was considered a super-predator at the time and was viewed as 21 meters long. According to the researchers, the jaw-bone measured about 96 centimeters in length. The super-predator may have been 20 to 25 meters long, more significant than the previous specimen discovered in 2004, according to the BGR article.

An additional examination and analysis were done on a bone discovered around 50 kilometers along the coast from Lilstock. These bones were found between the 1840s and 1950s, and at the time, it was thought that they were limbs. Later evidence showed that these bones belonged to a Triassic super-predator.

It would be the largest marine predator and mammal to have ever lived if the bones were up to 30 or even 35 meters long.

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