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The IAEA Celebrates 18 Years Of Assisting Countries In Addressing Security Threats

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All significant public events, whether they be international sporting events, political summits, or high-profile conferences and exhibitions, require an integrated security strategy that incorporates nuclear security measures. Since the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, the IAEA has supported 68 events in 43 nations to improve their preparedness to prevent possible nuclear security risks.

Delegates gathered today, alongside the IAEA’s annual General Conference, to celebrate the success of the Agency’s Programme on Nuclear Security at Major Public Events over the past 18 years and to discuss ways in which the IAEA can continue to strengthen countries’ nuclear security capabilities when hosting events that attract media attention and public interest. Participants learned about the IAEA’s support and assistance in this area, including equipment loans, training workshops, tabletop and field exercises, and technical visits by international specialists, throughout the event. As part of its big public events program, the IAEA has lent approximately 3500 pieces of radiation detection equipment to nations throughout the world during the last six years.

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