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The government requires automakers to offer 3-point seat belts for all seats in a vehicle

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            The government has mandated that all front-facing passengers in a vehicle wear three-point seat belts. The standard would also apply to the middle seat in the back row of a car, said Union Minister of India Nitin Gadkari during a news conference on Thursday. “I signed a paper yesterday requiring automakers to supply three-point seat belts for all front-facing passengers in a car”, stated the road transport and roads minister. Gadkari did not specify when the new requirement will go into effect. Currently, most automobiles made in the nation only have three-point seat belts in the front seats and two back seats.

However, the centre or middle rear seats in these vehicles is only fitted with a two-point or lap seat belt, similar to those seen in aeroplane seats.

Last month, the ministry said that beginning in October of this year, carmakers would be required to equip a minimum of six airbags in motor vehicles that can carry up to eight passengers for better occupant safety.

Every year, 1.5 lakh people are killed in road accidents in the country, according to Gadkari, and the need of the hour is to raise public awareness about road safety measures through information distribution.

According to him, a system for star rating automobiles based on criteria and procedure is being presented in order to increase safety.

Among the safety initiatives being implemented are Electronic Stability Control, Advanced Emergency Braking Systems, ease of mobility for Divyangjan, Driver Drowsiness Attention Warning System (DDAWS), Blind Spot Information System, Advanced Driver Assisting System, and Lane Departure Warning System, he said.

Gadkari also emphasised the significance of decreasing noise pollution and using electric cars.

The minister also stated that on March 15, he will unveil Toyota’s car, which will operate on green hydrogen.

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