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The Google Stadia Game Streaming Service Will End In January 2023

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American tech giant Google has announced that Stadia, its game streaming service, will be discontinued. On January 18, 2023, it will formally be shut down. The company will reimburse customers for all hardware and software purchases, according to GSM Arena. Refunds will be given to everyone who purchased a Stadia controller. Furthermore, for any game and add-on materials bought from the Stadia store. Mid-January 2023 is the target date for finishing the refunds. According to Google, the technology behind Stadia will be applied to other divisions of the company, including YouTube, Google Play, and its augmented reality (AR) initiatives. Due to the company’s propensity to shut down ventures that don’t take off right away, Google Stadia was met with immediate industry skepticism when it was introduced in March 2019. Many people also criticized the expensive price of the games given that the user did not directly own them and the poor quality of the library.

The service stumbled along for some time, even though Google announced two years later that it is closing its first-party game studio and the head of the product left the company.

Because Microsoft, Nvidia, and Amazon are still committed to their services, Stadia’s demise need not spell the end of cloud gaming as a whole. According to GSM Arena, it was always going to be a long-term investment for these businesses, but Google is not choosing to do that.

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