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The Fight For Abortion Rights “Isn’t Over” In The US, Says Joe Biden

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Abortion Rights

Abortion Rights

The fight for abortion rights “isn’t over,” US President Joe Biden said Sunday, 50 years after a landmark Supreme Court order had guaranteed that right before the court inverted itself in June.

“Today should’ve been the 50th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade,” the Democratic president said on Twitter, guiding to the original ruling. “Instead, MAGA Republican officials” supporters of former president Donald Trump, with his Make America Great Again slogan, “are waging a war on women’s right to make their own health care decisions.”

Biden added: “I haven’t stopped fighting to protect women’s reproductive rights – and I never will.” His powers to affect abortion rights are relatively limited, with the war going on now at the state level.

In June, the Supreme Court’s exquisite reverse came after three Trump-appointed justices gave conservatives a high-court majority. Since then, some 20 Republican-led US states have passed laws banning or hardly limiting abortion rights. In his sequel of tweets Sunday, Biden said that “a woman’s right to choose is non-negotiable,” He called on Congress to pass legislation codifying the abortion rights laid out in the Roe case.

But with Republicans now in the authority of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of Congress, such legislation has almost no chance of succeeding. Since June, Biden has had to decide to give relatively limited orders, such as authorizing Veterans Administration hospitals to supply abortion services. Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to mark Roe’s 50th anniversary on Sunday by reporting recent rule changes. The White House, for example, wants to protect the key to mifepristone-based pills, which can be used to end a pregnancy in the before weeks.

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