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The Commission of Railway Safety’s report on the Bikaner-Guwahati train derailment reveals maintenance flaws.

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The Bikaner-Guwahati express derailment was investigated by the Commission of Railway Safety, which found maintenance flaws. On January 13, some of the train’s carriages jumped the rails and overturned near Domohani. This accident took the lives of over nine persons. The latest trip inspection for Loko number 22375 WAP-4 occurred on December 6, and it has been traveling for 18,000 kilometers without derailment since then. According to the report, the train served as a’missing link loco’ in the NCR’s Agra division. “There is a mother division for every loco.” In most cases, their scrutiny is limited to that division. This loco was running in the NCR as a lost loco, hence no inspection was done,” it claimed. “It’s a question of how such a ghost investigation happens.”

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