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The Chances Of Alien Life On Saturn’s Moon have Increased

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Scientists have discovered that Enceladus, a satellite of Saturn, has building components of life beneath its surface, which could help us in our hunt for alien life. Enceladus is a frozen world with an ice-covered surface. Scientists believe there are oceans of liquid water beneath the surface, oceans that could harbor life. Modeling has revealed that the water on Enceladus is rich in dissolved phosphorus, which is required for life. The research was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

“Enceladus is one of humanity’s primary objectives in its hunt for life in our solar system.” “We have been constantly blown away by the discoveries made possible by the collected data in the years since NASA’s Cassini spacecraft visited the Saturn system,” stated Christopher Glein, co-author of the paper, in a news statement. He is an expert in alien oceanography.

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