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The 2022 Yamaha FZ S will be available in new colours soon [Early Details].

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Yamaha intends to launch the 2022 FZ-S in India in the near future.

The 150cc Yamaha FZ-S will also be available in three new colours. With the modification, it is anticipated that the motorbike would gain greater popularity.

Purple, Blue metallic, and Black metallic would be added to the base model. The second edition might be available in two colours: Matte Dull Red and Matte Purple-Blue. According to a few leaked documents, the top-spec FZ-S Deluxe will be available in Black Metallic, Deep Red Metallic, and Pastel Dark Gray.

Colored wheels, dual-tone seats, LED tail lights, and LED turn signals will also be available on the new FZ S. The base model would most likely cost Rs. 1.10 lakh, while the FZ-S would cost Rs. 1.15 lakh (Rs 1000 higher than the current pricing) and the FZ-S Deluxe would cost roughly Rs. 1.19 lakh.

In terms of engines, the new FZ will retain the same 149cc single-cylinder engine capable of producing 12.2 BHP. In truth, this engine is highly fuel-efficient and is also employed in the Yamaha FZ-X.

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