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The 14-foot-long Indonesian crocodile that had been stuck with a tire on its neck for six years has finally been released.

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A tire looped around a crocodile’s neck, Tili, a bird catcher, sawed the tire through her neck. It’s unknown how the crocodile acquired a discarded motorbike tire trapped around its neck. It was most likely purposely put by people in a futile attempt to catch it, according to conservationists. The 4.5-meter saltwater female crocodile in Palu, Central Sulawesi, has become a symbol for the locals. Tili, a bird catcher, learned of the crocodile from his neighbors and was desperate to save it. Wildlife conservationists have lauded the arduous work as a watershed moment.
Matthew Wright, an Australian crocodile wrangler, and Forrest Galante, an American wildlife researcher, attempted and failed to liberate the animal in 2020.
Tili said “I have expertise and talents in collecting animals, not only birds, but agricultural animals that are liberated from the cage. With my abilities, I feel I can save the crocodile.”

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