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Tesla Previews Humanoid Robot

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Tesla Humanoid Robots

Tesla Humanoid Robots

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Introduced the electric vehicle maker’s eagerly anticipated humanoid robot named ‘Optimus’ would cost under $20,000 and cautioned it still need some time to becoming fully functional. “There’s still a lot of work to be done to refine Optimus and prove it,” Musk told the electric vehicle maker’s “AI Day” event being held at a Tesla office in California. Musk view on humanoid robots are missing a brain and their ability to solve problems on their own. On the other perspective, he said, Optimus would be an “extremely capable robot” that Tesla would aim to produce more.  That early model walked out to wave at the crowd on Friday, and Tesla released a video of Robots doing some tasks, such as watering plants, carrying boxes and lifting metal bars.

Musk shares that there was a lot of hardwork to be done to achieve the goal for low-cost robot and he also added by using Tesla Robots that would be capable of replacing humans at work. Tesla is alone creating the market opportunity for market robot that could also be used in factory work. A next-generation Tesla bot, which will use Tesla-designed components, including a 2.3 kWh battery pack carried in its torso, a chip system. The robot weigh is upto 73kg . Other automakers, like Tata Motor and Honda Motor, have created production robots from ABB and humanoid robot prototypes that are capable of complex tasks like shooting a basketball.

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