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TCS: No Layoff, Instead, Salary Hikes Are Coming The Great Tata

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TCS No Layoff

TCS No Layoff

In another sign of India’s rising status in the world, Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) has said it is not considering any job cuts, despite layoffs at major technology firms and large corporations. India’s tech giant, TCS, the largest exporter of the tech service in the country, is also excited to hire startup workers who have lost their jobs and said it believes that developing talent for longer careers after hiring them. TCS chief human resources officer Milind Lakkad in a media interview, said, “we don’t do that (job cuts); we believe in grooming talent in the company and (there will be) no layoffs.” He stated that many companies are now doing layoffs to lower costs because they recruited more people than they intended. 

TCS, which he explained as “conservative,” disagrees, contending that employees should feel that new hires are productive and add value. “Salary hikes are coming,” the chief human resources officer said. TCS has over 6 lakh employees and will soon announce salary hikes similar to previous years. TCS is working on a fascinating project across various industries and technologies, and some extraordinary talent must join in on the action for those projects, Lakkad said.  

He needed to clarify whether more additions would be made or if the company would continue improving its talent base.

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