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Taliban To The Send 15,000 Afghans To Shepherd Livestock In West Asian Nations

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#Afghanistan’s government, which is controlled by the Taliban, intends to transfer 65,000 of its citizens to work in West Asia.15 000 shepherds will be transported to work in Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia out of the 65,000 Afghans who will be sent there, according to the Taliban Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The Mes Aynak copper mining project, which will be constructed at the site of a former Buddhist town 40 km southeast of Kabul in the province of Logar, will employ 20,000 people, according to the Taliban Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The Mes Aynak copper mine project was started by the democratically elected Ashraf Ghani government in Afghanistan, but it was put on hold after the Taliban took over. Arrangements had been made to send Afghans outside to work.

 The Taliban’s takeover of power in Afghanistan has a “catastrophic economic cost,” according to an annual analysis of their reign issued by London-based Chatham House. A major economic calamity, according to the assessment, would result in mass unemployment, a collapse of the housing market, and rising rates of malnutrition.

“The civilian government institutions that were previously the country’s largest employer are now unable to pay salaries even to the reduced number of remaining personnel. To make matters worse, Afghanistan’s agriculture sector has been affected by drought and natural disasters, such as flash floods and the June 2022 earthquake,” it adds.

The United Nations Development Agency believes that 700,000 jobs have been lost in Afghanistan over the past year, raising concerns about the country’s soaring unemployment since the Taliban took power.

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