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Taliban Takeover Caused 200 Media Outlets to Close and 6,400 Journalists to Lose Their Jobs

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Taliban Takeover

Taliban Takeover

The disturbances of 2021 the #Taliban’s takeover of the war-torn nation shook #Afghanistan’s mainstream media, which had only recently begun to recover.

Following the regime change, more than 200 media outlets closed, according to a poll done in December 2021 by Reporters Without Borders and the Afghan Independent Journalist Association, which resulted in the loss of 6,400 jobs for journalists, according to Afghan Diaspora Network.

The Taliban took over from a western-backed government, which resulted in significant changes to the way institutions had operated for the previous 20 years.

Several media figures left Afghanistan for neighbouring or western nations because they were unaccustomed to operating within the Taliban government, according to the Afghan Diaspora Network.

Though the country’s popular media’s future is uncertain, the turmoil has undoubtedly been distressing to it in the short term.

The majority of the media is struggling to adjust to the new atmosphere, while Pakistan has taken advantage of the unrest, according to Afghan Diaspora Network.

Islamabad, which has come under fire for inciting unrest and interfering with Afghan administration, has now turned to using Afghan media manipulation to enhance its public image, according to Afghan Diaspora Network.

Some Afghan journalists claim that the initiatives are a part of a well-coordinated strategy aimed at taking advantage of the country’s media vacuum to impose favourable coverage of Pakistan, according to ANI.

Although local Afghan media are unaware of the complete strategy, they have a suspicion that Pakistani agents are behind it. According to Afghan Diaspora Network, Afghan journalists who are in trouble are being encouraged to write favourably about Pakistan and its potential contribution to Afghanistan’s reconstruction.

Afghan media professionals are being provided with fully sponsored training programmes, with a particular emphasis on female journalists. Financial assistance proposals are alleged to have been made to a few local media outlets.

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