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Taliban plans for a national wide census in Afghan

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            4 February, Kabul According to media reports, the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan plans to conduct a countrywide census because there is no precise information on the country’s population.

“We completed a draught and presented it to the cabinet. We’re searching for help and resources to carry out the census. Perhaps international funders will assist, and then we will begin the census”, Faqir Mohammad Ziar, the chairman of the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA), was cited as saying on Thursday by TOLO News.

According to the NSIA, certain technical equipment connected to national electronic identity cards was looted after the old government’s fall in August of last year.

Currently, electronic identity cards are being issued in 19 of the 34 provinces.

According to Ziar, various alterations would be made to the design of the national electronic identity cards, including the name of the Islamic Emirate.

The NSIA, on the other hand, has vowed those efforts are being made to expand the circulation of national electronic identity cards.

According to the NSIA, over six million people have received electronic identity cards.

“While there are challenges everywhere and banking facilities are limited, we are attempting to give grounds for residents to obtain national electronic identification cards in neighbouring centres”, said Haseebullah Mowhid, deputy of the NSIA.

According to certain international organisation’s estimations, Afghanistan has a population of roughly 36 million people.

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