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Study: Whales Consume Millions Of Plastic Particles In A Day

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According to a recent study, #whales swallow millions of these particles per day, making them the planet’s largest consumer of plastic waste at the moment. The study took into account the many natural ecosystems found all around the world and included blue, fin, and humpback whales.

According to the study, blue whales end up ingesting approximately 10 million pieces of plastic per day, which translates to a potential daily intake of over 230 kg of plastic during the feeding season. The report stated that the whole consumption may exceed 500 kg, depending on how contaminated the environment is.

The study’s principal investigator, Dr. Shirel Kahane-Rapport of California State University, Fullerton, said, “What we found was startling – extraordinarily high rates of daily plastic intake.”

“We anticipate that it will have an impact, but we are unsure of the precise health consequences. She said, describing the report’s findings,” This is the first step to figuring that out.

The study’s major goal is to comprehend the current situation in which pollution directly affects whales. The data will be vital in understanding and designing the future plan to improve the environment for the whales, according to the study’s experts.

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