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Study Reveals A Key Aspect Of Mechanism Of Gene Expression Regulation

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Mechanism Of Gene

Mechanism Of Gene

Although they both develop in the same person and share the same genes, skin and brain cells are distinct. They differ because each cell type represents a different set of genes than the others. Cellular mechanisms that tightly control gene presentation make this potential.

“In this study, we focused on enhancers, one of the critical components that regulate gene expression. Enhancers are segments of DNA that activate gene expression by interacting with the gene’s promoter. Enhancers and promoters form physical contact, which imparts the message to the cell of when to express the gene and how much.”

“However, although much has been learned from these systems, it is difficult to control certain components in intact cells, limiting our mechanistic understanding of the process,” Panigrahi said. “For this reason, we designed a cell-free assay that enables us to control the availability of different reaction components and to determine how this affects transcription.”

“In the cell-free system, we saw that the enhancer and the promoter make close physical contact when the gene is transcribing, that is, making mRNA transcripts of the DNA sequence,” Panigrahi said. “But we discovered that not only the gene but also the enhancer is being transcribed in the cell-free system, as happens in live cells.”

“Enhancer transcription activates promoter transcription and vice versa. Not only that, if the amount of transcription in the enhancer is reduced, then the promoter transcription is also reduced and vice versa. There is transcriptional interdependence between enhancers and promoters, which was not known before.”

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