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Study Finds Mysterious Temperature Patterns In Jupiter’s Atmosphere

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Scientists have assembled the temperature data in the atmosphere of Jupiter from over forty years of statements, covering three Jovian years or orbits about the Sun, each of which lasts 12 Earth years.

The researchers were particularly interested in the upper troposphere of the gas giant, where clouds form. This is the longest study to track temperature in the troposphere of Jupiter, with data being gathered from a number of ground and space-based devices. The findings are an essential step in understanding the processes that drive the weather on Jupiter and finally being able to expect it.

Lead author of the study, Glenn Orton says, “That was the most surprising of all. We found a connection between how the temperatures varied at very distant latitudes. It’s similar to a phenomenon we see on Earth, where weather and climate patterns in one region can have a noticeable influence on weather elsewhere, with the patterns of variability seemingly ‘teleconnected’ across vast distances through the atmosphere.”

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