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Student assaulted inside police station; 9 Chennai Police officials arrested and being investigated

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            Nine police officers, including an inspector from the Kodungaiyur police station in Tamil Nadu, have been detained for allegedly attacking a 22-year-old law student inside the police station.

The event occurred a few days ago in Chennai’s Kodungaiyur neighbourhood. Abdul Rahim, a law student, was arrested at the Kodungaiyur police station on allegations of assaulting police officers following a disagreement over the wearing of a face mask.

Inside the police station, the teenager was reportedly assaulted by officers. After photographs of the injured kid went viral, the Chennai Commissioner of Police dismissed three officers and demanded an investigation.

According to the investigation report, nine persons have been arrested, including the inspector of the Kodungaiyur police station.

The adolescent also posted a video he shot inside the police station in which police officers are seen assaulting him.

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