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Storm Eunice: Flights are cancelled, and the army is on standby as a major storm approaches the United Kingdom

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            The Dutch flag carrier KLM announced the cancellation of 167 flights scheduled for Friday owing to the impending storm Eunice, which is expected to bring “severe disruption and hazardous circumstances due to exceptionally strong winds” according to the Met Office.

“Due to bad weather in Amsterdam on Thursday, February 17th and Friday, February 18th, 2022, our flights to, from, or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol may be affected”, the business stated in a statement, adding that 167 flights had been cancelled.

Storm Eunice is building in the Atlantic, unusually far south and east. Eunice will approach peak strength over places that seldom witness such powerful winds, thanks to the assistance and guidance of a rip-roaring jet stream.

As a red weather warning is issued in England and Wales, the army has been placed on alert. After barrelling over the Atlantic, Storm Eunice is set to make landfall in southwest England on Friday morning. The red weather warning will be in force beginning at 0700 GMT on Friday and will include the northern coasts of Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset, as well as the south coast of Wales. The Netherlands meteorological agency has also issued a storm warning.

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