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Spotify Closes Russian Office ‘Indefinitely’ In Response to Ukraine Attack, To Limit Russian-Backed Streaming Content

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            According to a statement issued by Spotify, the firm has chosen to close its operations in Russia in response to Moscow’s “unprovoked attack” on Ukraine.

Spotify, according to a spokeswoman, would also restrict access to Russian state-backed streaming material on its platform. However, the business has stated that it would not completely stop the service in Russia.

“We believe it is crucial to attempt to maintain our service functioning in Russia in order to enable for the worldwide flow of information”, adds the spokeswoman.

Since July 2021, foreign social media businesses with more than 500,000 daily users in Russia have been required to build local offices or face harsh restrictions, including outright bans, under law approved by President Vladimir Putin. Except for Russia, Spotify removes all material from Russian state media RT and Sputnik off its platform in the EU, US, and other regions.

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