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Special Message by Ratan Tata on Air India: Enhanced Meals, New Grooming for Crews and what more?

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On Thursday, Air India will return to its founder Tata Group after long 69 years. All legal formalities for the transfer of ownership are complete except a mandatory no objection from Ireland-based lessors, which is expected by Wednesday late night. Ireland has yet to provide a final set of documents. According to the latest report, if it arrives on time as expected, the AI will be handed over on Thursday.

The officials stated that the Tata Group has made its first move at Air India, introducing an upgraded meal service on four flights departing from Mumbai on Thursday. Reportedly, the changes post ownership transfer had started from advisories to frontline staff who are interfacing with passengers. The unions are opposed to the rule that requires cabin crew’s BMI and grooming to be checked when they report for flights.

The cabin crew were informed through a mail that the next seven days will be critical as it will be changing the image, attitude, and perception through the transition from a public to a private sector. According to the officials, the key points were agreed upon by Tatas’ Sandeep Verma and Megha Singhania, who will lead the in-flight service-cabin crew members are ‘important brand ambassadors’ who play a critical role in brand and image building. They will greet the passengers, address and serve the guests. There will be changes to the in-flight announcements, as well as a special audio address by Shri Ratan Tata.

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