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Spanish Wedding Turns Deadly; Four Killed By Car Crash

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Spanish Wedding

Spanish Wedding

Four people were killed and four others were badly injured after a car drove into members of a wedding party in Spain during a fight. An officer from the national police who spoke to AFP said that four persons have been detained and are being sought in relation to the fatal incident. In front of the wedding site in Torrejon de Ardoz, which is around 25 kilometers (16 miles) northeast of Madrid, a fight started early in the morning. After the fight, a car struck the wedding guests before driving away.  

According to Carlos Polo, the director of Madrid’s emergency services, “four persons had perished from various fractures when we arrived on the site.” He claims that four additional injured individuals have been transported to a hospital for care. The suspect vehicle and its three occupants were reportedly captured 50 kilometers from the location of the crash.

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