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Spain Proposes A ‘Digital Nomad’ Visa To Draw Talent To Its Shores

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Spain intends to issue digital nomad visas to attract non-EU residents to visit the country and enjoy working in the sun. The law has yet to be passed, but the Spanish government intends to provide attractive incentives to make the concept even more appealing. Individuals who travel and work remotely using technology and the internet are referred to as digital nomads or remote workers. They have no fixed address and work in public libraries, cafes, and co-working spaces. Visas are being offered by countries around Europe in order to increase tourism.

According to reports, the digital nomad visa will be available to those who are self-employed, operate remotely, or work for non-Spanish companies. Applicants must be from outside the European Economic Area and be able to provide a contract of employment to indicate that they have been working remotely.

If the Spanish government follows through on the anticipated proposal, it will join the list of European countries that have given some form of digital nomad visa, including Croatia, Estonia, and Hungary.

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